Our commitment to quality

Since 1953, HomeLink has been promoting home exchange as a unique alternative to mainstream tourism. In more than half a century, we have learned to do things differently. Thanks to clear policies and local support, HomeLink has been at the origin of the culture of home exchange. Ten elements of enhanced service to our members attest to our on-going commitment to quality.

  • The Proximity of 15 Local Representatives

    Much more than an internet site run by a high-tech, impersonal, centralised office, HomeLink was founded, and is still managed, by veteran home exchangers. Today, multi-lingual representatives serve HomeLink members worldwide. In need of advice, mediation, clarification? … a friendly home exchange expert is just a phone call or email away.

  • 70 Years of Experience

    Home exchange has evolved with HomeLink for over 70 years. We now constitute the largest network of active, reliable home exchangers. Word of mouth from friend to friend and family to family has been our vector of growth. No give-away or cut-rate membership fees have drawn those just wanting to browse, or simply looking for low-cost travel. HomeLink is a state of mind and a set of values cultivated and transmitted over decades.

  • Worldwide Standards

    While enjoying and supporting the world’s vast diversity, HomeLink established 10 Principles for a Successful Exchange to be practiced by all members worldwide. From an honest description of the exchange home, to adequate shelf space, and a small gift of welcome, HomeLink members take comfort in the basic considerations they have come to expect from a HomeLink home exchange.

  • Attractive Offers

    HomeLink membership fees attract committed, serious members devoted to exchanging their homes. The quality of HomeLink listings reflects that level of commitment. Detailed and complete, exchange offers provide all essential information and more, including each member’s response rate to solicitations for an exchange, bringing appropriate attention to those who are most actively engaged.

  • Affinities and Affiliations

    HomeLink offers its members yet another way to cultivate meaningful relationships through the Affinities and Affiliations search. If you are passisonate about golf - why not search for similar HomeLink members who will provide you with insider knowledge about golf courses in their area? If you need pet or plant care - search for homes listed by pet lovers or by members fond of plants and gardens! Or share your home with those who share your profession (either currently or before retirement), using the professional affiliations search!

  • Secure Messaging

    HomeLink members engage in lively correspondence thanks to a secure, internal messaging system. Messages stay nicely separate from other emails and, when ready, members can directly access an exchange agreement form automatically filled in with both parties contact information and certain home details.

  • Formalised Exchange Agreements

    Welcoming members from around the world, HomeLink provides an on-line agreement form, in 12 languages, for convenience and clarity. The bi-lateral agreement serves to formalise the criteria of reciprocity and eliminate possible misunderstandings regarding dates, number of guests and the logistics of the exchange. Systematic use of the Exchange Agreement Form has become an essential part of the successful management and follow through of all HomeLink exchanges.

  • Guest Book

    HomeLink is about a personalized experience in a new home, city, region or country. Members discover each other’s homes, neighbours, and favorite sites. In gratitude for the comfort, thoughtfulness, and insider advice that have been shared, members thank their hosts with an entry in the on-line Guest Book and so bring the HomeLink experience to life for all members to read and enjoy.

  • Cancellation Protection

    In the case of a last minute cancellation after the completion of the Home Exchange Agreement, HomeLink mobilizes its network of local representatives in order to find a suitable replacement exchange. Should this effort fail, certain HomeLink countries offer, under clearly defined conditions, financial compensation for non-recoverable travel expenses. National representatives can provide further details.


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